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Vision Without Glasses Review | How to get 20/20 vision naturally

Vision Without Glasses Review 

Safe Method To Have a 20/20 Vision Naturally 

improve vision without any dangerous and expensive surgery
How good would you feel waking up one morning having a crystal clear vision without wearing that glasses of yours for a long period of time?. Wouldn't that make you feel really nice? many people wear glasses nowadays, don't you even wonder why? Well we are in living and defending on new technology mostly on a computer-focused world. Since most Doctor's use technology? it means higher cost since they pay for it. And if something goes wrong? another money needs to be pull out on your pocket. 
Did you know that there is another way to have a clear vision simply by following instructions that can be found on a book? The book I'm talking about is the revolutionary book Vision Without Glasses. In this book author Duke Peterson elaborates upon the Bates method, which can help you attain perfect 20/20 vision without glasses, or contact lenses, or costly surgery.
Usually, if you don’t want to wear glasses, or if you find them uncomfortable or if you just want the feeling of wind in your face, then the most popular and widely suggested solution is to either wear contact lenses or get a LASIK eye surgery.
You probably know all this before. In fact, if you are here, you have probably already considered wearing lenses or getting an eye surgery. Unfortunately, both of these methods come with their own host of problems.

The problem with Contact Lenses and LASIK eye surgery

Contact lenses, although providing temporary relief from the weight of glasses on your face, are actually pretty uncomfortable. Your eyes may get red and irritable, and it’s a real hassle to put them and on or take them off. And you can’t have it on while taking a nap or going to sleep. And you have to store them very carefully in case they break. Sometimes they may fall and get lost in a crowd, leaving you partially blind.
And then there’s LASIK eye surgery. You have probably heard of a number of people, may be your friends or relatives, who have had a successful eye surgery and are now living a glasses-free life. But tell me, why do they make you sign a document declaring that they are not responsible in case the surgery fails, makes your vision worse, or anything like that.
The fact is that LASIK surgery, while successful in the majority of cases, simply is not perfect and generally has a risk of failure – the word “failure” being worsening of vision, only temporary vision improvement or even blindness. The fact is that if you opt for LASIK eye surgery, you are taking a pretty big risk – and you don’t want to take a risk when it comes to your eyes.
So now that we have established that the two popular solutions for having vision without glasses actually have many problems, let’s go ahead and see the natural way to have perfect 20/20 vision in this Vision Without Glasses review.

Enter “Vision Without Glasses”

“Vision Without Glasses” is an e-book that is based on the age-old Bates Method. What the Bates Method says is that it’s very much possible to get perfect 20/20 vision without wearing any glasses. Also, one of the major propositions that Professor Bates made is that the glasses you are wearing not only does nothing to improve your long-term vision, but actually degrades it as time passes. Yup, according to Dr William H Bates, those glasses that you are wearing is actually making your vision worse!

Bates said that the myopic vision that we get is the result of tension around the eyeball and that it could also be results of bad eye habits, i.e. a bad way in which we are using your eyes right from childhood, which may have resulted in the degradation of eyesight over time. It is very much possible that these bad habits may have been inherited from your parents, which might be why your myopic vision problem is passed down through multiple generations.
The e-book, “Vision Without Glasses” expands upon this method in a very nice way. The author, Duke Peterson, is an ophthalmologist who has studied this method in detail and described it in a good way that is easy for anyone to follow. I highly recommend checking out the book even if you are at least a little interested in living a life without a constant weight on your nose.

I understand your skepticism

The thing is, the information in the book worked out really well for me. After reading the book and implementing the simple methods that are described in the e-book, I have now disposed of my glasses and I am now living a glasses-free life.
But how? What the hell is this magic method? And why the frack hasn't your optician told you about it?
When you think about it, opticians run a big empire. The entire eyeglasses industry is very big and supports hundreds of thousands of jobs and the people who hold these jobs. Imagine if everyone started implementing the Bates method and started disposing of their glasses. The entire industry would fall apart and numerous jobs would be lost and lot of products will have to be put in the garbage dump. So many people will stop making money – millions of dollars of money.
We can’t blame them. All industries and all businesses are essentially selfish and look out for themselves.
No eyeglass no contact lenses no surgery
But you don’t have to be part of the scam. By purchasing  this book and implementing the methods found in the book, you no longer need to buy in to the lies that the opticians are telling you (hell, they probably don’t know about this method). By buying this book, you can finally live a glasses-free life and just imagine the face of your optician when you go and confront him, having perfect vision with no glasses at all!
The “Vision Without Glasses” is pure gold for the valuable information that it contains, and it’s perfectly worth it for the price of $37. That’s much, much lower than what you would usually pay for a pair of glasses. Get hold of this valuable information: Click Here to buy the book now!

What Will You Find in Vision Without Glasses?

In this bookyou can find a whole bunch of very valuable information regarding your eyes. Not only will you get the exact procedures and exercises that will lead you to 20/20 vision, there’s also a lot of good information regarding eyesight in general. This helps you uncover all the myths that surround eyesight, eye strain and eye fatigue.
Here are the summaries of some of the chapters found in the book:

The Top Causes of Eye Strain and Fatigue

This chapter faces the truth and really reveals to you the real sources of eye strain. There are numerous reasons for general eye strain, any form which generally leads to very slight eyesight degradation in the long-term. Some of the causes are:
  • Improper posture
  • Bad lighting in your work area
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Cramped working space
  • Prolonged usage of computer and TV
  • Poor lighting
  • General physical and mental stress
  • Reading without enough light

Why You Should Relax Your Eyes

Have a 20/20 vision
Physical work is something that we don’t do a lot of nowadays. But imagine if your job consisted of continuous physical work for 18 hours per day, and you got less than 5 hours of sleep every day. Wouldn't you get really tired? You would get so tired, you would practically be a zombie and your physical work quality and speed would be drastically low.
We don’t do much physical work in this day and age, but isn't the kind of strain that I described above exactly what we are doing with our eyes? The average person looks at a digital screen for more than 9 hours a day, and if you are especially busy, you might be looking at digital screens for more than 12 hours. The problem is that nowadays we depend on digital screens for both work and entertainment. This is a serious problem that causes us to look at bright screen all the time.
In Vision Without Glassesyou will find an entire chapter that’s completely dedicated to why you should relax your eyes. Just like any other muscle, your eyes get tired after prolonged use, and it’s imperative that you rest them once in a while.
This chapter teaches you the various effective ways with which you can relax your eyes and relieve the strain that’s caused by looking at bright screens.
Does relaxing your eyes really help? Well, according to TIME magazine, merely relaxing your eyes for ten minutes not only relieves eye strain, but also boosts cognitive brain function. Vision Without Glasses elaborates on such benefits, while giving you good advice on how to relax your eyes.

Poor Eyesight – The Myths and the Truth

This chapter in Vision Without Glasses elaborates on all the myths that surround eyesight in general. There are so many myths that have not been scientifically verified, but yet have been passed through multiple generations. Some of these absolute myths regarding your vision are:
  • Eating carrots can help improve your vision and are good for your eyes – this is a myth because that follows from the myth that Vitamin A is good for your eyes. Yes, the Vitamin A in carrots is good for your eyes, but only as far as general health is concerned. It can’t actually alleviate near-sightedness or far-sightedness.
  • It’s a myth that if you use reading glasses that are purchased over the counter, it can harm your vision.
  • Watching TV is bad for your vision – this is a myth. It’s possible that extremely prolonged TV-watching for 16 hours a day can start to damage your vision, but even “extreme” TV watching by conventional standards doesn't exceed more than 8 hours per day. And you probably know a lot of people who spend all day on the computer and TV and yet do not have to wear glasses – this is because TV-watching is not a cause for myopic vision.
Vision Without Glasses provides a complete explanation for the truth behind these many myths. It’s wise not to fall for these myths and instead face the truth.

Should You Wear Glasses to Improve Your Eyesight?

Considering that the e-book is called Vision Without Glasses, you get a chapter in the e-book where the author elaborates on the general ineffectiveness of glasses, and why wearing glasses actually does nothing to improve your vision, but actually causes your vision to deteriorate over a period of time.
Many experts argue that glasses actually does nothing for your vision – only helps you see clearly. But other experts say otherwise. This e-book comes clear on misconceptions and tells you the scientific reasons behind why glasses degrade your eyesight.

Vision Exercises to Improve Eyesight

This chapter really is the crux of Vision Without Glasses, as the entire Bates method is based around doing a couple of eye exercises consistently. The e-book completely gives you an eye exercise plan that involves doing these eye exercises for just 15 minutes a day – this will make you gradually see improvements in your vision over a couple of months.
Some of the exercises proposed by Bates, upon which this book has expanded, are:
  • Focusing
  • Palming
  • Reading special charts
  • Eye muscle movement
  • And more…
Even if you heard of those exercises, the key to improving your vision is doing all these exercises consistently and with repetition, for which the book gives you a clear plan.


Vision Without Glasses is certainly a revolutionary book that really touches upon the benefits of age-old extra ordinary Bates method. It shakes up the waters and really gives you a couple of key truths and advice. In short, it can truly help you achieve 20/20 vision without glasses.